We were blessed with all our kids for the first day. Neal & Andy came in by train and stayed with us, and Jonathan, Marjorie, and Josie drove up and stayed in an apartment that we rented on the second floor. Bess joined us, as well.

After some vegetarian and real chopped liver and baby hot dogs, we sat right down to dinner and had an abbreviated tekes, created by Carol, using a pomegranate, a carrot, dates, grapes, lettuce, apples and honey.


I made kiddush


Then I carved up a huge standing rib roast that Carol made, for which I took out a short-term loan.

Roast beef

How does Carol do it? Each year, she outdoes herself, with lentils and rice, rosemary red potatos, raspberry grilled tofu, roasted cauliflower and grilled asparagus. Once more we were stuffed, bloated, and had to have the recipes.

Tonight, we celebrated three birthdays: the birthday of the world, and the birthdays of Neal and Josie. Carol made cupcakes, which Josie could not stop talking about, even after she got home.

Joaie blowing candles..Neal blowing candles

Neal & Andy..Marjorie and Grandma

Like motherLike motherLike daughterLike daughter

Neal & Josie paste bugs

We spent the next day in Temple in Alvan's congregation and returned home for a lunch of roast turkey, wild rice, salad, seitan, and sautéed vegetables, and chocolate cherry cake. Andy and Neal took the train home, and the rest went to Tashlich at the river. It was a good weekend. We hope and pray for a good year for us all.

Josie in chair