January 6, 1986

Mr, Sanford Kroll
6 Alton Road
Providence, RI 02906

Dear Mr. Kroll:

      I note with some surprise and dissatisfaction that despite the excellent track record of RIGHA in providing quality care at minimum cost, you have not yet become a member.

      In the hope of kindling your interest in RIGHA membership, I am therefore pleased to inform you that RIGHA has now contracted with Dr. Felix Belasco, whose services have recently and suddenly become available, for the installation, maintenance, repair, recharging, and, G-d forbid, removal of cardiac pacemakers.

      As you have undoubtedly read in the newspapers, Dr. Belasco's experience in the implantation of cardiac pacemakers is more than extensive. While some pundits would claim that it is excessive, we at RIGHA prefer to regard it as competitive.

      I realize that you, like so many of your nouveau riche and ignorant East Side Jewish snob compatriots, are affected by the "big man in Boston" syndrome, and flock, together with them to the "Mecca" of the health care delivery system like lemmings to the sea.

      I would therefore further urge you to join RIGHA during January, which we have designated as "Belasco fiasco" month here at RIGHA. Every January enrollee will be entitled, should his pacemaker run out of gas, so to speak, to a free sigmoidoscopy and cardiac transplant, to be done by Rabbi Yitzchok "Yitz" Dubovick, with whom we have also contracted. (Please note that Yitz prefers the Hebrew word for contract, "bris".) In the interests of keeping the health care costs and your premium as well as low as possible, Dr. Yitz, as we call him here at RIGHA, will be operating not out of the outrageously expensive and dubiously Kosher Miriam Hospital, but rather out of the newly redesigned and scrupulously clean Sugarman's Meat Market, conveniently located on Hope Street.

      Hoping that you will take advantage of this incredible offer, and wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, I remain

Sincerely yours,
Michael A. Ingall, M.D.
Director of Marketing