SEPTEMBER 20-21, 2003

The Ketubah

We took the train into New York Saturday morning to attend the wedding of Aaron Naparstek and Joanne Nerenberg. We stopped at the hovel and lunch at Miyago, a new sushi place on Amsterdam that is fabulous--excellent fresh sushi at low prices, and very clean. I ordered a large portion of cold Ozeki sake, not realizing that it was half a bottle of dry rice wine. So, I was off to a good start.We went back for a nap and cabbed down to the Steuer-Ingall apartment for a visit with Josie and her family. We waited on the stoop for Jonathan to pick us up in his car.

Zayde & Josie on stoop

We had a wild ride to Brookyn. I hereby yield the mantle of "most dangerous driver in the family," and bestow it upon Jonathan, who took us across the Bridge like a Baathist on a jihad, complete with leaking, noisy manifold and fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror. Of course all the world's most dangerous drivers know in their hearts that they are the world's best drivers, and that everyone else is at fault. I know this from experience. We arrived at a funky bar at 200 Fifth Street in Brooklyn, which Joanne and Aaron, who planned their entire wedding, had booked for the evening. There were very good margaritas, and guacamole, chips, salsa, and burritos. There was lots of noise, but it quieted down for a show put on by friends of the bridal couple, culminating in a very cleverly edited video by friend Mark Landsman featuring clips of family and friends.

Joanne, nephew, nieceJoanne, Henry, Lilly

Carol & BelleruthCarol & Belleruth Josie & Marjorie have dinnerJosie & Marjorie have dinner

Krepon-Savine familyKrepon-Savine family

Art & MichaelArt & Michael The barThe bar

Dad & AndyDad & Andy Andy & JosieAndy & Josie

Josie drawingJosie drawing Jonathan & JosieJonathan & Josie

Josie, Andy,CarolJosie, Andy, Carol Josie & NealJosie & Neal

We took a bus uptown to the Algonquin, and a cab across town for a good night's sleep

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