Fixing the mezuzah

My mother, Bess Spiro, moved today from Chestnut Hill to Providence in an assisted living facility. The move went very smoothly. Gilda and Nancy came in Wednesday night and packed up everything, working very hard and efficiently.
Gilda takes a leak Gilda taking a leak
The move took about 5 hours door-to-door. We took just the right amount of furniture, and the apartment looks quite nice. The staff seem lovely.
Gilda and Sylvia the nurse Gilda and Sylvia, the nurse

Michael signs away Bess's assets Michael signs all Bess's assets over to Linda

The food seems a bit yucky. But we had dinner tonight at our house. Carol, as always, outdid herself, serving chicken with artichokes (the dish had been prepared for Bess's Kids Weekend, which we weren't able to pull off a few months ago), stupendous tabouli with mint from our garden and native tomatos and cucumbers, a wonderful salad with cinnamon almonds, and blueberry/raspberry sorbet and biscotti for dessert. The wines were a Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc and a Trimbach Alsatian Gewurtztraminer.

Bess is installed in her apartment.
We love to clean We love to clean  I love to watch I love to watch.

We all worked through the weekend to straighten things out. Her pictures are hung. The place looks absolutely lovely.

What a meal we were served last night: The five of us split three salads: one with a simple oil and vinegar dressing, one with watercress, endive, roquefort, and walnuts, and the third with lettuce, tomato, and a sweeter dressing--all delicious. For entrees, we had ris de veau (sweetbreads) with Potatoes Anna and fresh sauteed vegetables, raie (skate) sauteed in lemon butter, rack of lamb with sauteed onions and potatoes, grilled sea scallops, and filet of sole. The wine was a Cooper Mountain Pinot Noir from Oregon, and the coffee was superb. Oh, did you think this was at the Assisted Living Facility? No, Bess took us all out to dinner at Chez Pascal. Today, we had brunch at our house--bagels, lox, and chive cheese, and fruit salad. Excellent coffee. Gilda and Nancy left for home, and Carol and I joined Bess for dinner at the Village. The staff were very friendly, couldn't be nicer--they came over and introduced themselves to Bess. We also met two people we know who live there. All the people who live there say that the place is wonderful. And the food? And the food? Remember Hayes-Bickford's in Harvard Square? Remember Louis' restaurant in Providence? Remember the Automat in New York City? We have yet to pass final judgement on the food, however, as the chef got drunk last night and was out of sorts. Remember that Ruth Reichl did not write her reviews in the New York Times until she had visited a place several times.

Bess enjoys her new bed Bess enjoys her new bed.