APRIL 26-27, 2003

Neal, Josie, Andy

We took a cab down to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, a cool Tex-Mex restaurant in the West Village covered with cowgirl, e.g., Dale Evans, paraphernalia. There we met Andy and Neal, just back from their vacation in a spa near Guadalajara in Mexico. We enjoyed brunch with all our children.

Gimme more olives!..Josie and Andy

Neal & Andy

When I went to the bathroom of this West Village restaurant, I was struck with how times have changed. Above the urinal was a poster of DTCA (direct-to-consumer advertising) for an anti-HIV drug.

Urinal and poster

Carol went shopping with Marjorie, and I went to Chelsea Market for fruit with Neal and Andy.

The train home was more along the lines of what we have become used to with Amtrak. It was oversold (even though it was a "reserved train," and people had to sit on their luggage or in the phone booths. The train arrived late, and the bathroom speaks for itself. I'll be sending the photo below to Amtrak's CEO in my Letter from Farklempt.

Amtrak bathroom..Michael & Carol

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