JUNE 21-22, 2003

From the Wizard of Oz

We cabbed back to the East Village, where Josie showed us the tomatoes, some of which had been eaten overnight by their enemy, the fugga (why she calls a squirrel this is beyond us), "'matos...fugga ate them...needs a time out." She still loves to water the flowers, and loves to take her stroller outside.

The fugga ate the 'matos..Watering the flowers

Josie and stroller..Josie.Bobie.stroller

Jonathan went over to the shrine of Russ and Daughters, and we had a feast of smoked fish for breakfast: Nova, white Baltic smoked salmon, whitefish-salmon salad, pickled salmon in sour cream and onion sauce, egg salad (homemade by Andy and Neal), bagels, bialys, pletzls (none for the Atkins people), and great coffee. Tracy, Jeff, Amy,and Alli joined us. Neal and Andy were going to a benefit performance of The Wizard of Oz, where the audience watches the movie and sings along. People were encouraged to come in costume, so Neal was the State of Kansas, Andy was a tornado, with kitchen utensils flying off his hat, and Amy and Alli were Dorothy, complete with Toto in basket.

Breakfast..Andy, Josie, Amy reading

Tornado, Dorothy, Dorothy, Kansas..Two Dorothys

Andy's hat

We took the Acela Express back. It was over an hour late. Meester David Gunn of Fort Lee, New Jersey: you will soon be getting a letter from Farklempt.

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