DECEMBER 22-23, 2001

Josie in stroller

We drove into New York on Saturday morning. We stopped at the Ingall-Steuers for lunch. We went out for lunch at Ike's, a neighborhood bar with Josie in the stroller. Look at her! Is that a precious little New Yorker, or what?

Ingall-Steuer family

Then we went back to their apartment to gaze, like dumb fools in love at the many faces of this child:

Josie in bouncer

She has learned how to use her hands, and is amazed and delighted at her new found sense of power.

Josie using hands..Josie gazing at self

When she sees the baby in the mirror of her toy rack, she is amazed!

Josie using hands..Josie twirling

Mostly, she's a long alimentary canal. She eats voraciously and farts and shits with gusto. She comes by it honestly.

Beginning to shitFeeling the urgeGotta go!

Here it comesHere it comes!Uggh!Ugghh!

Relief beginsRelief beginsYes!Yes!



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