We drove up to Ogunquit, Maine, on Friday for an American Psychiatric Association political machers meeting. So, number one, the trip was free, which makes it all the more worthwhile.RI Reps

     I used to go to Ogunquit during high school. You could drive up from Boston in a couple of hours, go to the beautiful beach with fine white sand, and go in the freezing cold water and see how long it took until you became completely numb (usually about 4 minutes). At the end of the day, we would go to a rundown lobster shack in Perkins Cove and eat with our fingers.

     This time, it was a bit more upscale. We stayed at the Cliff House, on the cliffs the shore, right at the bluff, overlooking the waves crashing on the rocks below.Michael on porch There was a boiled lobster dinner in the dining room for all of us (Carol ate corn and potatoes). I ate with my fingers, as usual.

     Saturday, I went out on my bike and joined Carol for lunch in Perkins Cove, which is now very chi-chi. At the end of the day, when the meeting was over, all of us went out on a charter boat,Charter boat courtesy of the Maine Psychiatric Society, our hosts, and cruised the shoreline, looking at the mansions one after the next. Ogunquit is clean and cultivated and expensive--like Bermuda, only the water is cold. We went out on our own for dinner at Arrows, a bit west of town, in the woods. Two guys from San Francisco own and run it. The tables look out on an exquisite garden, where they grow their own flowers and vegetables. The dinner was absolutely superb--one of the best. We split a Caesar salad, possibly the best we have ever had. Carol had halibut with leeks and delicious carmelized lentils, and I had salmon with an oriental fruity sauce and coconut milk boiled rice. Four stars for both dishes. For dessert, blinztes filled with bitter chocolate and a scoop of homemade orange sorbet on the side. We have taken to ordering two glasses of wine instead of a bottle when just the two of us eat, and the wines were good, but not as good as when you get to order by the bottle. Unfortunately, we have no friends.

     Sunday, we drove back, stopping at the New Hampshire liquor store to stock up on tax-free booze and wine.

     A Mainiacal weekend.