APRIL 21, 2002


After the rally, we drove to New Haven, where we called in an order for a pizza to go from Pepe's. I asked for a small pizza divided in half, half of it with clams and garlic and the other half with mushrooms. The conversation over the cell phone went like this:

"You wan' moots?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"You wan' moots?"

"You mean mozzarella?"

"Yeah, moots."

"Yes, we want moots."

"Anne's sauce?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Sauce, you want sauce?"

"Of course we want sauce."

"Well, some people like dere clams widout moots or sauce."

"Oh, yes, of course, make the clams white, but the mushrooms with moots Anne's sauce."

"Twenty minutes."

"Thank you."

As for the pizza, it was good, and the clams were fresh, although chewy and rubbery, but it wasn't really great. I think you just have to order a large pizza to get the full Pepe's effect. We washed it down with a large bottle of birch beer. Next time, Modern Apizza on State Street.

We arrived in New York without traffic and dropped off six cartons of books at Carol's office. Then we drove down to 83rd and Broadway to meet Andy and Neal at Neo, a Nobu-like sushi restaurant. It has fabulous sushi, artfully plated, with unique sauces, as well as an array of small appetizers hot and cold. The prices are very high for small pieces of nearly dead fish, but how better to spend a small fortune than on great food. And to be in the company of such wonderful children--what a blessing!

Andy and flukeNeal & Cod

We parked a few blocks away, and spent the night in the hovel.

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