We spent the weekend in Milwaukee. Flew direct from Boston on Midwest Express, a wonderful airline--wide first class leather seats throughout, free drinks, full dinner on china plates, free wine, lots of service, on-time. Took the bike with no problem (they didn't charge). We stayed at a nice motel in Mequon, a suburb north of Milwaukee, where Betsy and Jordan live in a lovely house. Friday night, Betsy and Jordan, Marla and David, Amy Hammond (Jordan's daughter) went out for dinner at a restaurant nearby. We had our own room, which let us talk. Later, we were joined by Jonathan and Marjorie, whose flight on Midwest Express (a horrible airline) was cancelled. They still look in love.

     Saturday, Bob and Roberta took his kids and us out on his boat. They gave us bagels and coffee  and a king salmon that he caught and had smoked that was the best smoked fish I ever ate The water was too rough for fishing, since both Jonathan and I feed the fish after 20 minutes of bobbing at rest, so we sped around the Lake Michigan coastline for a great view of Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a beautiful city, a hidden treasure, the Providence of the Midwest. Great shoreline with bikepaths, magnificent homes, big breweries, a good symphony, and a fine museum. We went to the boat club for lunch. Bob presented us with souvenir caps with the name of his boat...ship...whatever embroidered on them "Seacat"--a 27-foot Boston Whaler with a cabin and big inboard engines. He clearly loves his boat and enjoys skippering it around the lake.

     Saturday night, Betsy and Jordan gave a wonderful party at their home.
Ingalls and LewisesThey have a beautiful lawn that bounded by willow trees. There was a pretty tent, a good bar, lots of delicious hors d'oeuvres. The weather was perfect--warm, and the threat of rain, as was the case at the wedding, did not materialize. Dinner was buffet style with tables--grilled Chilean sea bass with capers and grilled tenderloin--both as good as it gets. Michael & JonathanDessert included fresh fruit and petits fours. It was perfect. We met warm, outgoing people who endeared themselves to us by sharing their affection for Jonathan and Marjorie.

     Sunday, I went for a bike ride around the northern suburbs. The suburbs are newly built, and used to be farmland. It's a very beautiful area, and flat, with little traffic. Brunch took place at a great restaurant overlooking the lake in Milwaukee, given by Betsy and Jordan's close friends. Welcome signWe had delicious poached salmon.Betsy, Jordan, Carol  Marjorie and Jonathan Steve Einhorn made a scholarly and funny toast, picking up on the condom theme of my remarks at the wedding.Marjorie and Jonathan Six of Betsy's friends led us in very clever songs honoring Marjorie and Jonathan. Jonathan gave an absolutely charming, warm impromptu speech of thanks for the party and friendship.Jonathan

     Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Ramah in Northern Wisconsin (almost in Michigan), where Carol did some recruiting for the Seminary. It's a great camp with a wonderful spirit, good kids, lovely setting on the lake, good facilties--even a computer center for teachers to make study aids. The food is....well, camp. It was striking to go to morning prayers and see not one kid talking, to have every door I passed through opened by a kid, to see small groups of kids in classes scattered everywhere about the camp, and all listening and participating.

     Monday morning, I went for a bike ride around the lake while Carol did her thing, charming them all with her personality and erudition. Monday evening, we drove into Eagle Point and saw The Truman Show at the theatre there (seats 100, tickets $4.00). Excellent movie. Jim Carrey is not zany, but he is Jim Carrey, and he is terrific. So is Ed Harris. So is Peter Weir, the director. And the writer, someone named Nicoll. Not the movie of the decade, but worth the $4.00 and more. Besides, it could be true. And it could be about me. Ma? Tell me the truth!

     Tomorrow, home.

Friday, Washington, DC for the first annual Krepon Fourth of July celebration.