Neal & Andy

They came up by train to Kingston, where we picked them up. We made shabbat and had a splendid supper of Thai chicken legs and tofu.

Saturday morning, the weather was fine, and we enjoyed the day. We drove over to Sweet Berry Farm and then to the Farmer's Market to pick up fresh native fruit and vegetables. We spent the end of the day at the beach. In the evening, we went out to dinner at The Glass Onion in Middletown. Nothing extraordinary, but good food at good prices. We even had time to go to the movies after dinner. Carol and I saw Swimming Pool with Charlotte Rampling, which was strongly recommended by Neal and Andy. What an overwrought, phony, intellectual, effete, meaningless movie! We, on the other hand, insisted that they see Seabiscuit, which we thought was a truly uplifting and spiritually redemptive experience. They thought it was trash, "I mean, it's all about a horse!"

Sunday was another lovely day. Carol dropped Andy and Neal at Bailey's Beach (the Spouting Rock Beach Club) for the veddy veddy rich, and we picked them up in time to drop them at the train for the return to New York.

We have wonderful children.

Andy & Neal on motor scooter