Sunday morning, we picked up some bagels (Bad Boys) at Lenny's, with some chive cheese and lox and drove back to St. Vincent's. Josie threw a shit fit before we got there (the disposition of her parents cannot be denied), but for five hours afterward, she was quiet, sleeping, awake, charming, engaging. The covering pediatrician, Dr. Rocchio, a really funny and nice guy checked Josie over. The rest of us handle her so gently, but he tosses her around, flips her with one hand, and she doesn't mind a bit. He even changes her diaper, commenting that we had better lose the newborn diapers and get a bigger size, because in the usual small size, she looks like she's in a bikini on the French Riviera.

Doctor and Josie..Jonathan and daughter

    Friday, we were in love with idea of being grandparents. Saturday, we were in love with a baby. Today, we held her for hours, and we were in love with Josie.

Grandparents and Josie..Marjorie and Josie

Jonathan and daughter..Zayde and Josie

    Betsy and Jordan and Dave, Jonathan's brother, arrived, and we all congratulated each other.


    Carol and I went across the street for brunch at Artepasta.This place, recommended by Neal, is a great find. Brunch is $9.95 with multiple offerings, including unlimited Champagne and Mimosas, coffee, and muffins. Carol had a wonderful frittata with delicious hash browns, and I had rigatoni a quattro formaggi that was superb.

    Walking back to our car, we passed a rescue van from St. Vincent's. New York is still a wounded city. On the way in, coming down the West Side Highway, one lane was blocked off with cones for the entire length in each direction to serve as emergency routes for rescue vehicles. There are city and state police everywhere. The "Have you seen...?" posters are still up on the sides of buildings and poles, and no one will take them down, but the rain and the wind are eroding them away. St. Vincent's was the central facility for the treatment of the survivors that never showed up. We went up to the window of the rescue van and I told the men that 9 years ago, two men like them from their unit had saved Marjorie from death, and now she was inside with her new baby. How poignant a moment. We celebrate life.

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