Andy & I drove a sagging, groaning, filled-to-the roof Ford van to White Sulphur Springs with a load of wine, paper goods, soda, beer, licorice, etc. I had thought that between a minivan and a Maxima we could make it out there in one trip. Jonathan was right. It couldn't be done.
Making giftbags Giftbags I do all the work!! We’ll help, Mom!!
          I do all the work!!                                                           We’ll help, Mom!!

We’ll help, too!! The honeymoon car
                      We’ll help, too!!                                                             The honeymoon car

Andy & I stopped for lunch at the Oakville Grocery for a sandwich--highly recommended. The weather was drizzly, but today it has cleared up. Marjorie and Carol walked their butts off doing errands in San Francisco, making lists, folding handouts. Jonathan made money. At night, we went to Boulevard, a lovely restaurant on the Embarcadero, gorgeous inviting interior. Great service. Delicious Makor Zinfandel. Many exquisite appetizers, duck, halibut, Chilean sea bass, sweetbreads, all pretty. Two great desserts: apple-rhubarb pie and blackberry shortcake. Great coffee, as there is everywhere in this town. Tomorrow, out to White Sulphur Springs.

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