Barrie & Tracey

(Tune of Brady Bunch Show Theme)
Hereís the story of a man named Neal
Living in Chelsea, an apartment of his own
Generous, kind, funny and lover of the arts,
But he was all alone.

Hereís the story of a man named Andy,
Living in Clinton Hill, an apartment of his own
Creative, smart, fun, fan of Barbra and of Bette
But he was all alone.

ĎTill the one day when they had their first time meeting
It was mutual friends who set these fine gents up
Who would know that in 2 years, nine months later
Weíd be at their NUP!

Ingall and Hoffman, Hoffman and Ingall
La, La, La,
Letís sing, Brit Ahava.

(From Oliver)
Food, Glorious Food
Oh how they love to cook it
One is part carnivore
The other, vegetarian diet.

Just picture a great big steak
Topped high with TOFU
Oh, food, wonderful food, marvelous food, glorious food.

This one is about my brother Neal,
(Tune of Sunshine Day)
I think Iíll go for a walk outside now
The sun is out , calling my name
Oops I forgot
I just canít play outside all day
I gotta get wrapped head to toe
Get some shade or Iíll fade,
Everybodyís singing, Sunshine Day
Our brother Neal is, WHERE?
Under the umbrella,
Itís a sunshine day.

Andy, this oneís about you.

(To the tune of If I Had A Hammer)

I live with Felix, and my name is Oscar
Mess has been a problem, Iíve had all my life.
Iím messy in the morning,
Iím messy in the evening
My clothes are here, there and everywhere
Itís a way of life.

Friends, Friends, Friends,
They will always be
Whether in fare or in dark stormy weather
Neal and Andy, forever together

Letís drink a toast to Neal and Andy
Tomorrow their union will be
Letís drink a toast to Neal and Andy
Theyíre in love, Oh canít you see!

Oh, how we love them, our brotherís both of them
Theyíre GRAND, so please let us stand!

TO NEAL AND ANDY, we wish you a life full of love and happiness always!

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