Andy and Neal took the train in, arriving Friday in time for dinner. They stayed in one of the guest apartments that's available in our building. Soon, we were joined by the Landys, by Bess, by Daniella, and by a charming freshman at Brown, Elizabeth Ochs, daughter of a friend of Carol from Charlottesville.

Andy & Elizabeth..Daniella

In the move, we lost the tekes (pageant) that has marked our ErevRosh Hashana each year, so Carol, in the midst of preparing two gourmet meals for 9, created and printed up a new one.

Rosh Hashanah 5763

The old year fades with the sunset as we move forward to the promise of new beginnings.

 This day which borders past and future invites us to reflect.

After September 11th, it summons us to be grateful for the gift of life.

 We seek forgiveness from ourselves, from others, and from God.

This day offers the promise of atonement and at-one-ment.

 With holiness and wholeness we greet Rosh Hashanah 5763.

Kiddush for Shabbat and Yom Tov (see addendum, including sharing from the kiddush cup and eating apples and honey)

Introduction of other symbolic foods: each person prepares a sample for his/her neighbor:

1. Dates: We pray that righteousness will flourish like the date palm

2. Carrots (gezer): We hope that the decree (gízerah) we receive for this year is for good, and not for ill

3. Grapes: May we all be part of a community which is as tight as this cluster

4. Lettuce: "Let us" enjoy a year filled with good health and good friends, a year in which we are the "head," and not the "tail" (Traditional Yemenite Rosh Hashanah blessing)

All recite Hamotzi over hallah and honey

Tekes..Neal makes hamotzi

Then out came a boneless rolled rib roast cooked perfectly that was so gorgeous it made you weep. It certainly made me weep when I saw the bill. The accompaniments were splendid, as well, as were the wines, a Brunello di Montalcino and a Ridge Zinfandel.

roast beef

We owe a special thanks to the Landys, who lived in this apartment one year ago, and, on Rosh Hashana last year, announced that they were leaving for a house in Barrington and that we could have their apartment. They got a second helping of everything.

Art and Eva

 Saturday afternoon