NOVEMBER 2, 2002

Saturday morning, Marjorie knocked on our door at 7 AM and implored us to watch Josie so that she and Jonathan could sleep for a while. We pretend it's a burden, but it's a joy to spend time alone with this creature.

Josie and eggs..Josie and eggs

Josie & Carol,,Josie & Carol

Josie & Carol

She won Abie's heart in a second.

Josie & Abie

Andy went out for apple fritters at the Old Stone Bakery. These humungous coronary and gastric occlusions, each weighing two pounds, most of it grease, are unique to the Island.

We took a walk along the shore and then into Edgartown, enjoying the crisp bright fall day, free of cars, crowds, traffic jams, and noise.

Andy, Carol, Michael..Josie in stroller

Two schmucks with earlapsTwo schmucks with earlaps

One schmuck without earlapsOne schmuck without earlaps...On the shore

We passed by the Colonial Inn, where 41 years ago, Carol and I spent our honeymoon for $4/night, including breakfast, going around the island in June on a Vespa. It now goes for $295/night for a standard room with continental breakfast.

Colonial Inn..Colonial Inn

On the street..On the street

On the street..Andy, Neal, Carol

Andy & Neal..Michael & Carol

Carol at lighthouse

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