MARCH 17, 2002

Up in chairs

Then we crossed the Williamsburg Bridge, took the BQE to the LIE, just missing the Mosholu, and ended up in Woodbury, Long Island at the Crest Hollow Country Club for the wedding of Dory Brown, son of Steve and Shelley Brown (Carol's colleague and our good friends) and Abbe Cohn Stober. Remember those reception halls in Brooklyn and Queens where you went as a kid for weddings and bar-mitzvahs? Well, they have all moved eastward to Westbury--country clubs without golf courses, upscale, with valet parking, beautiful facilities, and four simultaneous events (in the afternoon, with more coming in at night).

Country club

First, some coffee, juice, and rugelach before the ceremony. Then a beautiful ceremony over which Steve presided, along with their friend, cantor/composer Charles Davidson.

Huppah..Abbe and parents

To the huppah..The groom takes the bride

Shelley and Steve

There followed a reception with excellent hors d'oeuvres, and a dinner with prime rib. Prime rib!! We are not talking here about no baked chicken affair.

MothersMothers Carol and Steve

We sat at a table with excellent people:

Davidsons and CarolDavidsonsSchwartzesSchwartzes

Of course, there was joyful dancing (with a very good, if very loud, band)

Costume dancing..Hora

The groom and I attended the same school of dancing, each receiving his diploma in the nick of time, just before the wedding.

Wedding dance

Meanwhile, down the hall, a bar-mitzvah to end all bar mitzvahs was taking place, with pinball and slot machines, a vestibule of thousands of balloons, and a candlelight ceremony with enough candles for the entire Jewish people.

Balloon entrance..Pinball


Back at the wedding, the festivities continued:

Couple dancingPlease, God, don't let this happen to us!

Michael & Carol danceOh, no! It's already happened!!

And so, farewell to Long Island, to our family, our friends, and the entire Jewish people.

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