JANUARY 3-5, 2003

Josie standing

The weather forecast was menacing, so we took the train to New York on Friday afternoon. The tickets were pricey on the Acela Express, but we had to make it in time for the best show in town: The Josie Show! We got to the apartment around five o'clock, and there she was. She walks quickly now. Her vocabulary is incredible. easily over a hundred words--she says everybody's name (except Zayde, of course--she knows who Zayde is, and turns to him when his name is mentioned, but she just won't say his name. Another month, and she's disinherited.) She finishes off all the nursery rhymes. She sings on key. Best of all, she has a lovely disposition, flirts like crazy, and aims to please. But she can also say, "No!" with great intensity, and she means it. When she throws a shit fit, stay out of the way. She comes by it all honestly.


Josie..Josie and Marjorie

Marjorie invited Neal and Andy for dinner and effortlessly cooked up a wonderful supper of spicy chicken with broccoli and tofu.

Marjorie cooking

Josie played with her uncles.

Neal, Josie, Andy..Neal, Josie, Andy

Carol lit the candles. Ever since Chanukah, Josie has been entranced with candles.

Carol lights candles

After dinner, Josie went upstairs and said goodnight to Sebastian (she is very gentle and loving with him now) and went to bed.

Sebastian and Josie

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