Blue Water Grill

No one, especially me, believed two weeks ago that I could make a trip like this to New York. But here I was, taking the train at 7:11 AM with Carol, walking around with more vigor than I've had for months, feeling great, enjoying my family as never before. Nancy & Joel met us at the train with limo service, and we drove to Blue Water Grill, where we met Gilda & Sam. We had a great table at this wonderful seafood restaurant on Union Square.

I went to town with a flight of seafood from the raw bar, served on one of those elevator platters that are so the rage now. Ever-obedient to my diet, I took each morsel and dipped it into my water glass, rinsing off any remnants of salt water, with sips of cold sake as a drink. A bit of homemade green tea and blackberry sorbet for dessert. We toasted and celebrated each other, with hopes for a year of better health and more grandchildren. Congratulations to Gilda and Sam on the birth of Sofia Lily, and on the progeny that will be forthcoming from Michal and Adam. Best of all, Joel and Sami treated, in celebration of my recovery.

Family at Blue Water

Joel and Nancy drove us down to 3rd Street, and there she was, now with a little pigtail sticking up, Josie!


She was napping when we arrived, and Jonathan and Marjorie went out to see the last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (they both loved it). While they were gone, Josie woke up chattering away with a big smile, happy to see us, and she played with us for 31/2 hours non-stop, playing with her toys, telling stories, reading, drawing, dancing. singing. Pure delight.

Bobbe and Josie with Cheerios book..Eating the O's

Zayde and Josie

When I fell asleep on my back on the sofa, Josie giggled and pointed wildly at me, I am told, highly amused by my snoring. Later on, over dinner, she even offered a dead-on imitation of me, head hyperextended backward, mouth open, making strange noises.

Andy and Neal joined us for dinner, fresh from their visit to Israel, bearing wondrous gifts. More naches, more joy.


We went out to a cute Iberian restaurant (Spanish and Portuguese) on Avenue A, Alphabet Kitchen. So many great restaurants in New York, and so reasonably priced. We got a great table in the rear, where Josie could roam and color on the floor. The waitress brought her a plate of rice and beans, which she devoured. The staff were so helpful, both in terms of service and suggestions that would fit my diet, to the point of bringing me unsalted butter without being asked. They fell in love with Josie, and the waitress would get down on the floor and color with her. We began with stupendous mojitos and caipirinhas, made with fresh-squeezed limes, fresh mint, and real cachasa.

Neal and Andy..Marjorie and Jonathan

Carol and Michael..Josie and Jonathan

A three-course prix fixe dinner was $16. Sautéd calimari with lots of garlic was fabulous. The entrées were all delicious, with accomodations for the special needs of Neal and me. For dessert, the flan was creamy and rich. Espresso was excellent. Five Farklempt Stars for this place.

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