FEBRUARY 8-9, 2003

Tony Soprano

Sunday, we went to Zabar's for a cheesecake then took the subway, a local at 79th Street to 72nd Street, where we picked up an express, to 14th Street, then a huge walk in a foul, cold tunnel to the V Line for a train to Houston and 1st Avenue. Then up 40 stairs to the street. Veh iz mir! Do the poor really live like this? Let them eat bialys, I say. That's what we did. We walked into Russ and Daughters, where I am now known on sight, and welcomed as Josie's Zayde. We bought Gaspée Nova, stuffed trout, sturgeon, big orange Alaskan salmon roe (huge globules of fish oil and salt that, when added to scrambled eggs, make it a dish from the gods), and half a whitefish (head end). 

Jonathan & Josie..Josie and Bubbe

Marjorie and Jonathan had over another couple from the Mother's Group, Shannon and Andy (an actress and sound mixer) and their adorable daughter, Alice. It's strange how every one of Josie's friends is a sweet child. It must have something to do with Josie being the Tony Soprano of the toys. Sharing is a word she has not yet learned, and she is very strong and forceful. One of these days she is going to take a toy from the wrong kid, and "Pow!"


I took the train back. It was on-time, but filthy and crowded. A lovely weekend, nevertheless.

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