Yael and Eric


     I started the weekend off on Friday afternoon with my first sigmoidoscopy, a 60th birthday gift from my doctor. I will spare you the details of this procedure in this missive, which is, after all about nuptial and not rectal joy. For those who insist on reading more about it, please see for text and pictures: http://www.spelunkinginfarklempt.com

     We drove down to New York with Bess, stopping in Westport in lunch, where we had lunch at a makeshift table on the docks, after buying fish and chips, calamari and chips, and a shrimp cocktail, all of which were superb, with excellent cole slaw.

     We dropped Bess off at Nancy & Joel's, and drove on to the Glenpointe (pronounced Glenpwantay by the New Jersey locals) in Teaneck. It is a great hotel, with excellent service, beautiful rooms, a spa and pool, and views of the New York skyline in the the distance. Marjorie and Jonathan came over to join us in a bottle of wine, and drove us to Eric's parents' house in Warren, New Jersey--huge new mansions on rolling hills, beautifully landscaped, rather like Western Cranston. Everyone was there--Marjorie and Jonathan, Marjorie and JonathanAndy and Neal, all the Gottlers from Atlantagottlers.jpeg, Evie and the Ports and the Shulmans, the Hirschtritts with Marissa, David Gottler, Sarah Goldston, lots of Sam's family from Israel--Effi and Esty with Assaf and Ori, Sam's brother Eli and Talma, Eli's ex-wife, Esther, and their daughter Sharon, the Barons from Florida, the Manns from Montreal, and all the Millers. Bess gave her usual matriarchal address, which she writes for all family simhas and annual meetings of her condo association. It was quite lovely. Joel Miller responded with a warm toast.
Bess speechAudience
Excellent hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, and a bar with top brands. Then a buffet dinner with tables set up inside and out. Baked salmon, baked chicken, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes. Good coffee and fruit, with pastries for dessert.Bess and GildaFamily