Van Wickle Gate

Graduation at Brown

FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2003

Friday evening, Gilda & Sami arrived, along with Yael & Eric with Joseph, Michal with Elana (Adam, just back from Europe, joined us later), Bess, and the guest of honor, Daniella. Carol spent with the weekend like Carmela Soprano, always hustling something delectable from the kitchen. With every meal, she outdid herself. This evening, we had a pâté of smoked trout and cream cheese with fresh endive; marinated white canellini beans with basil-infused oil; a delicious vegetable torta with marinara sauce; a crisp salad, marinated orange slices, red onions, and olive salad. For dessert, a fruit custard tart.

Are these children gorgeous, or what?

Carol & Elana..Bess and Michal

Elana..Gilda, Joseph, Elana

Yael & Eric..Elana and Gilda


Vegetable torta..Hors d'oeuvres

Eric, Elana, Joseph

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