AUGUST, 2003

Jonathan was at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, so Marjorie and Josie hopped on Amtrak to Kingston, Rhode Island, where we picked them up Friday afternoon. Josie loved the train, particularly singing that old refrain:

Goat Island, Goat Island
What a wonderful place to be,
There are beautiful beaches
The color of peaches,
Goat Island, Goat Island...
She was eager to go over the bridges and chatted up a storm. She is now taken with a new TV show about a stealing fox named Swiper, so, in her continuing attempts to build a superego, she will suddenly exclaim with the greatest intensity, "Swiper! Don't take Tico's camera! It belongs to Tico ( a squirrel)! Bad Swiper. Swiper needs a time out."

We arrived in time to change into bathing suits and head out for the beach. After a few tentative steps, she was bounding into the surf, letting go of Bubbe's hand more and more: "I can do it!" Until she lost her footing and went down with a shreik. She still loves the water, and can play "Rocko" endlessly. She dashes out of the water, finds a rock, dashes back in and throws it into the surf. Soon, she discovered that pieces of driftwood float, so she would throw them out and wait for them to come back. She learned the difference between shells and rocks, and then she found a huge quaghog with the clam still inside. I cracked it open with a rock for her, and we threw the clam, piece by piece to the sea gulls. She also had a great time feeding popcorn to the seagulls.

Bubbe & Josie at the beach..Playing rocko

Splashing..Josie with a clam

After all that digging and throwing and splashing, it was time to go home, catch the sunset with G & T's on the west deck, and give Josie, who is just getting over a bout of asthma some "nebbie." (Nebulizer).

Having a nebbie..Loves her Mommy

Afterward, a little coloring and reading with Bubbe,

Josie & Bubbe..Coloring

and it was time for Shabbat.


For dinner, we had some fabulous double-cut lamb rib chops and grilled asparagus. Josie went to bed easily in the portacrib that the Segals were good enough to lend us.

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