AUGUST 28-31, 2002

Josie brushing

Jonathan was at Burning Man in California, so Marjorie & Josie planned to spend some time with us in Providence and Newport. The original plan was for Carol, who was in New York at JTSA, to return to Providence with Marjorie and Josie, using their car and baby seat. But fate dealt a cruel and sad blow with the death of Deb Levi, Marjorie's college roommate, after a long fight with breast cancer. The funeral was in Boston on Tuesday, so Marjorie took the train with Josie to Boston on Monday, while Carol came back to Providence alone in Marjorie's car. It was an awful time for Marjorie, who stayed with her last remaining roommate, Hadine. Marjorie took the MBTA to Providence on Tuesday night. We were supposed to met her at the station, but our paths crossed, and I thought it was Amtrak, and we were at the wrong track, so Marjorie had to lug Josie and all their paraphernalia across the street to our building. So everyone was scowling and howling at me for screwing up. Everyone except Josie, who was glad to see me.

Margie & Josie in bed ..Margie & Josie in bed

We had the best time doing nothing--playing, reading, eating, going to the mall. On Thursday, I had nursing homes to do in Newport. It was drizzling (Marjorie says that every time she's been in Newport, it has rained), but we went anyway, and Josie enjoyed chasing the seagulls and geese. She crawls like a fast rat now, and you have to keep your eye on her every second. She eats much more than she breast feeds, and loves most foods, the stronger in taste the better--feta cheese is a favorite. So are rice cakes smeared with cream cheese, which she likes smooshing all over her face. She insists on feeding herself.

Josie takes tomato ..Josie eats tomato

Marjorie feeding Josie ..Lift & squeal

Josephine après le bain Mary Cassatt

Josie brushing

Josie with book ..Josie with book

We took her to the Humboldt Street playground, where she loved the swings and scraping and banging in the dirt with a rake, and playing with other kids. There is something about little girls with blond pigtails that drives her wild.

Josie in swing ..Josie digs

Josie with rake ..Josie with rake

Josie digging..Josie digging

Suzanne Herzberg & DanielSuzanne Herzberg & Daniel

We went to Siravo's for some fruit and vegetables. Joe Siravo was amazed to watch her devour a white nectarine, which was indeed delicious.

Friday evening, Bess came to join us for dinner. Carol prepared two ducks, a pineapple-black pepper chutney, rice pilaf, fresh red and yellow beets. She out did herself. Ayshes hayil. The wine was the fabled Chateau Musar '91 from Lebanon. Very complex, but too oxidized, with too much sediment.

Josie with bubbles ..Images/Josie with bubbles

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