Josie as fireman

One of the things that Josie loves to do is to "draw." She says, "I want to draw." She then instructs you to draw in pencil a kitty, an angry kitty, a sad kitty, a dog, an elephant, after which she takes her crayons and colors widely and indiscriminately over what you have drawn. She can do this for half an hour straight.

Josie and Bubbe coloring..Josie coloring

Josie shows her work

In the afternoon, we went to the pool, where the condo commandos went quickly into action: "How old is that child?" "Children under 3 are not allowed here." I kept my mouth shut, and refrained from suggesting that these old biddies leaked more into the pool than Josie did, or that I myself always pee in the pool, and I'm 63. Carol handled the situation with diplomacy, tact, and charming distraction.

Josie at pool

Still, we know when we are not wanted, and moved on to Second Beach. It was 4 o'clock, the best time to go, because it is free instead of $20, it is uncrowded, it is not too hot, and it's the best time of day. Josie loved digging in the sand and climbing the dunes. She also enjoys throwing stones into the surf. The surf was very heavy that day, and she was startled when the water rushed over her ankles and then sucked her feet back out. After a while, she got quite comfortable with it.

Josie digging in sand..Josie throwing stones

We returned to the condo for a gorgeous sunset and grilled a hangar steak from our new kosher butcher that was out of this world. Thanks to Myrna and Ed Aronson for introducing us to this butcher and this cut of meat.

Sunday, we read the paper, and Marjorie and Jonathan and Josie returned to the beach, liking it so much they were even willing to pay money in the morning. They returned to join the Briers, Kaunfers, and Alexanders for a barbecue of chicken shish kebabs and tabouleh. The Pages had visiting relatives and dropped by to say hello. Josie and Daniel got along very well. The kids left for New York about 8 PM, and we headed home.

Sheila & Marcia

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