MAY 31-JUNE 2, 2002

It was a five-minute walk to the Metronome, a restaurant with bar and dance floor--an art deco  nightclub nearby. It was a perfect site for the reception, warm, friendly, welcoming, open, just the right size, and gorgeous, with great food, and a splendid bar. Marty and I began with a short speech of welcome and made hamotzi over the hallah. People thought I was kidding when I said that this was the second happiest day of my life...the happiest being March 9, the day Neal got a job.

Marty's welcome..Marty cracks up

There was frenzied dancing, as promised, fancy dancing in front of the happy couple, and a mezinke, the ceremonial dance crowning the parents on the marrying off of their youngest daughter (in this case, child).

Marty and Elaine..Neal & Andy

Andy & Neal

Marjorie roasted and toasted her brother.

Marjorie's toast

Don Putnoi showed me how to tie my tie properly, promptly destroying the 45 minutes of work that it took me to get it right. It took Carol another 10 minutes to get it back to where it was.

Don fixes tie..Carol fixes tie

Here's the payback, Don, as promised:

Sid and Don at urinal"Sing it with me: I can tie them in a knot, I can tie them in a bow..."

Throughout it all, we ate, and we ate very well indeed. This is the Farklempt Page, so here is the menu.

Carol & Michael dancing..Marty, Carol, Michael

Marty, Alli, Arline..Alli, Josie, Amie

Steuers Three generations of Steuers wearing purple

David & Josie..Josie & David

Margie, Josie, John..The Band

..Michael & Tracey..Art & Joanne

Bess, Nancy..Gilda, Michael, Nancy

Sadele, Vivie, Evie..Amie and Alli


Andy & Neal responded to their guests.

Andy & Neal

Rabbi Oren Postrel led us in Birkat Hamazon.

Oren Postrel

Uncle Sid chanted the final sheva b'rachot.

Sid & Sadele

Things wound down around 6:30 PM, and we drove back to Providence. On the way home, I couldn't resist. I had to know. Which was the very best pizza in New Haven? We had been to Pepe's. We had been to Sally's. We had been to Abate's. But the legendary Modern Apizza needed reviewing before the final verdict was in. We phoned ahead for a small mushroom and onion and ate it in the parking lot. Not even a contender. The contest is over, and the winners are:

    1. Pepe's
    2. Abate's
    3. Sally's

And so, my life is complete. My youngest is married off, my granddaughter is adorable, my house is sold, and I've discovered the best pizza in New Haven.

Here is the complete text of the Brit Ahava Program Book prepared by Neal and Andy.
Some photos from this page are by the wedding photographer, Shana Dressler.

Wedding photo


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