February 12, 2009: Though Michael Ingall died on August 12, 2004, Farklempt lives on here on the Web.
A eulogy for Michael by Rabbi Alvan Kaunfer is online here.
This site has been down for nearly a year, but it's back up to stay.

Welcome To The World of Farklempt

Michael as baby

     One day Lord Korechika, the Minister of the Centre, brought the Empress a bundle of notebooks. "What shall we do with them?" Her Majesty asked me...

     "Let me make them into a pillow," I said.

     "Very well," said Her Majesty. "You may have them."

     I now had a vast quantity of paper at my disposal, and I set about filling the notebooks with odd facts, stories from the past, and all sorts of other things, often including the most trivial material. On thewhole I concentrated on things and people that I found charming and splendid, my notes are also full of poems and observations on trees and plants, birds and insects. I was sure that when people saw my book they would say, "It's even worse than I expected. Now one can really tell what she is like." After all, it is written entirely for my own amusement, and I put things down exactly as they came to me...

     As will be gathered from these notes of mine, I am the sort of person who approves of what others abhor and detests the things they like.

                                           THE PILLOW BOOK OF SEI SHONOGON, c. 1000 A.D.

First Encounters Hugh
Hitting Home Moving
Is That All There Is?
Gainesville, the Bargads, January 2003
The Maze
anyone lived in a little howtown Crisis II
Die Liedersinger MGH
Richard Casparian
More tsuris

Billy Wong

Peggy Donnelly

A Teacher Remembered
Review of Field Guide to North American Males Stamped Peeing Undressed Elephant
Madeline A Phylogenetic Fantasy
Paul Turkey Baster Pregnancy
Betty Great Figures of the World
Beautiful Summer at Camp Alton The Dancing Healers
Die Liedersinger Developmental Time-Cultural Space
To Kill or Not To Kill A Not Entirely Benign Procedure & Getting Doctored
Prescription Drugs A Journey to the Far Canine Range
Nixon: A Psychobiography Hand Trembling, Witch Frenzy, and Moth Madness
My Day in Court Jung's Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism
Contracting For Safety KillAs Few Patients As Possible
Is It You? Knowing When To Quit
Smells LSD: Visions or Nightmares
I Got the Midwinter Blues The Medical Mind of Shakespeare
Murder in the Cathedral Migraine
Hidden Witness The Pleasures of Psychology
Rabbi Laufer The Pocket Doctor
Prozac Backlash Seeing It Was So
Malignant Self Love & Malignant Sadness Sutured Words
My Migraine Gave Her a Headache The Immortal Bartfuss
Comments on National Public Radio The Windows at Oaklawn
Shlugen Kapores I Love You, Let's Work It Out
Detour When Men Are Pregnant
Behind the Mask Your Good Health
The Microscope Samovars and Bedlam
Lilly and Me
Mentally ill are more violent
The Breath of Life Esmerelda
Un Poco Accelerando Josie's Birth, October 13, 2001
Berkshires, August 1997 Josie at One Week
Berkshires, August 1998 Josie at 12 Days
Berkshires, August 2000 Josie's Baby Naming, December 8, 2001
Berkshires, August 2001 Josie and Marjorie Come to Providence
Berkshires, August 2002 The Josie Page-October, 2002

Daniella's graduation-May 2003

Josie in Newport-July 2003

Marjorie & Josie in Newport-August 2003

Andy & Neal in Newport, August 2003

Assorted Josie Photos


The First Farklempt The Ingalls--Late 20th Century
The Ingalls--Early 20th Century The Gottlers--20th Century

New York City, March 1997 Bess Goes to Florida--Thanksgiving 2001
Florida weekend, March 1997 New York City, December 2001
Alaska, June 1997 Florida, December 2001
Washington,DC, July 1998 Royal Hideaway, January 2002
Florida & Caribbean Cruise, December 1997 New York City, January 2002
San Francisco,August 1997 New York City, February 2002
New York City, Memorial Day, May 1998 New York City, Simhat Bat, March 2002
Wisconsin, June 1998 New York, March 2002
New York City, June 1998 New York City, April 2002
Newport, July 1998 New York City--Josie Eats Food--April 2002
Ogunquit, Maine, September 1998 Bris of Joseph Morris Miller-Warren, NJ-April 2002
New York City, September 1998 New York City, May 2002
New Orleans, October 1998 Kaunfer-Pressman Wedding, June 2002
Florida and Caribbean Cruise, January 1999 The Josie Page, June 2002
Bess Moves to Providence, August 1999 The Producers, June 2002
Michal & Adam's Wedding, New York, October 1999 Newport, July 2002
Costa Rica, January 2000 Quogue, July 2002
Viva La Diva, New York City, January 2000 Newport Music Festival-July 2002
Washington, D.C., July 4, 2000 New York, August 2002
New York City, March 2000 Visit of Harry Knaster, September 2002
National Jewish Book Awards, New York, March 2000 New York, September 2002
Viva Las Vegas, May 2000 New York, October 2002
Yael & Eric's Wedding, New Jersey, May 2000 NYC, Bette Midler, October 2002
Chicago, June 2000 Keila & Tom's Wedding, November 2002
Newport, Tall Ships, July 2000 Lisa & Jarrod's Wedding, November 2002
Newport Music Festival, July 2000 Bess Goes to Florida, November 2002
Baltimore: Kaplan-Goldszmidt Wedding, July 2000 New York City, December 2002
Quogue, Labor Day, 2000 Los Angeles & Cabo San Lucas, December 2002
Florida, Bess's 90th, December 2000 New York, January 2003
Florida, February 2001 New York City, January 2003
Costa Rica, March 2001 New York City, February 2003
Bel Canto(r), April 2001 New York, February 2003
New York City, April 2001 Venice, March 2003
Tuscany & Umbria, Maggio 2001 New York, April 2003
Atlanta, May 2001 New York, May 2003
Toronto, June 2001 Cincinnati, May 2003
New York, June 2001 New York, June 2003
Charlottesville, June 2001 Italy, July 2003
Newport Music Festival, July 2001 Aaron & Joanne's Wedding, September 2003
Quogue, August 2001 New York, October 2003
Maryland, Eitan's Bar Mitzvah, September 2001 Mexico, November 2003
Marjorie's Baby Shower, NYC, September 2001 New York, January 2004 
New York City, September 21, 2001 New York, March 2004
The Chair, New York City, November 2001 Josie in Newport.0405

Seder, April 1997 Passover, 2002
Thanksgiving, November 1998 Rosh Hashana, 2002
Seder, April 2000 Passover, 2003
Passover, 2001 Rosh Hashana, 2003
Rosh Hashana, 2001 Passover_2004

Wedding intro
Sunday, May 3
Monday, May 4
Tuesday, May 5
Wednesday, May 6
Thursday, May 7
Friday, Yom Hashishi
Saturday, May 9
Sunday, May 10: The Ceremony
Sunday, May 10: The Reception
Monday, May 11

Friday, June 1
Saturday, June 2--the Aufruf
Saturday, June 2--Marty & Elaine's Party
Saturday, June 2--the Talent Show
Sunday, June 3--Photos in Gramercy Park
Sunday, June 4--The Wedding
Sunday, June 3--The Reception

American Airlines
Apple Computer Priscilla Phunn-Incontinence
The Forward Priscilla Phunn--12/11/89
Grand Rabbi Korff Priscilla Phunn--1/20/90
Mane 'n Tail Priscilla Phunn--2/8/90
Rokeach Priscilla Phunn--3/8/90
Elijah's Chair Priscilla Phunn--6/17/90
Sanford Kroll--MAX EPA Priscilla Phunn--9/10/90
Sanford Kroll--pacemaker Priscilla Phunn--6/11/92
Chutes & Ladders



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